Oxygen Facial

Give your skin a breath of fresh air!

Every single organ in the body including the skin needs oxygen to thrive and skin that receives an adequate amount of oxygen shines with health. Oxygen is needed by our skin to regenerate and to produce collagen and elastin amongst other things.

After the age of 20, the oxygen molecules in our skin begin to deplete and additionally the microcirculation slows down, all this leads to a lower level of oxygen in the skin causing a dull, sallow and lifeless complexion.
Our signature O2 facial blasts the skin with 95% pure oxygen infused with a tailored serum at high pressure. This passes through the natural intercellular channels between the epidermal cells into the deeper layers of the skin helping to replenish the skin with oxygen at a cellular level.

Different serums are applied depending on the skins needs from pigmentation, to hydration, collagen boosting to brightening. The therapist will discuss and assess your needs in a quick consultation before the treatment.

The facial is a relaxing yet invigorating experience as the fresh oxygen enriches your skin and leaves you looking like you have taken a walk in a fresh green valley.

The skin is always visibly brightened as nutrients from the oxygenated blood supply pour in, plumping and hydrating the skin. This helps to visibly improve elasticity, firmness, tone and texture.

The skin is left clear, bright and glowing.

Price per session
with exfoliating mask

Price per session
​with microdermabrasion