Weight Loss Service

The DPL Clinic is a private clinic, based in Bury.  The practitioners use the latest technology to bring you the most efficient results within a short period of time, whilst most treatments being non-invasive will cause you no harmful side effects and minimal downtime.
We are thorough in each of your treatment sessions, aim to fulfil your main targets and goal, and hope to give you a relaxing treatment each time because for us our main goal is your wellbeing.​

 The foods of Proteifine diet have been developed according to the latest findings of nutrition and chronobiology (rhythm of the human body), resulting in a real impact on the body.  Patients can only buy these products under strict medical prescription as inappropriate usage can have serious consequences.
Furthermore, no weight loss method will work unless guidelines are obeyed and strictly followed.  With the right intake amount of protein, carbohydrate and sugars, you can lose up to 1 stone (7-10kg) in a month.


Feeling hungry?

Except for the first 2/3 days, moderate hunger sensations may be felt, although constantly feeling hungry is not a usual sign.  Call back to discuss your program as something may not be right with your diet plan.

Craving “prohibited foods”?

If you have strong cravings for prohibited foods, then talk to your practitioner as we have a range of Dynovance and Serovance products-which are specifically created to help you overcome the temptations at times like this.  They will also strengthen your will power, help anxiety, stress, and depression, relax your cravings and help lack of fatigue.

Will I gain my weight back after the diet?

No, we will ease you of your diet gradually through phases of the diet whilst educating you about the new you.  You will have learnt to control your weight through the nutritional balance of chronobiology and timely use of proteins and neuromediators to control your emotions and food cravings.  After all no diet should be done temporarily, it will be a life changing moment.

I have not followed my diet correctly?​
Don’t feel guilty.  Continue the diet as recommended by your practitioner the next day.  You will begin your ketogenesis again, so may feel a slight headache but make sure you drink plenty of water to overcome these initial feelings quickly, as water will help to flush your toxins of your system.

Above all, if your mistakes keep piling on, it means you are having trouble following your program.  Consult us, so we may give you the best solution, maybe a less stringent diet with use of Dynovance and Serovance products.

Is this diet harmful to my health?

No, on the contrary it is very beneficial for your body muscle mass and bones.  When followed correctly, under supervision-your body will regain and repair all the lost muscle mass and bone structure witht he high amount of protein but with the perfect balance of carbohydrate and sugars too.  The medical diet sole purpose is only to lose fat content and to make you reach your ideal healthy weight for the long run, tackle obesity and shape you to person you want to be.

Can I exercise during my diet?

Yes, of course however it is only recommended to do so in moderation (such as swimming, light weight lifting, light cardio exercises).  This is because you are using 100% of all given amino acids from the diet so may result in advanced weakness.
Is the diet expensive?

Keep in mind that it’s replacing your daily meals.  When done accurately this diet is a life changing experience.

Typically the diet will cost you similar to your normal expenditure on food on an amount of roughly £80-£100 a week
Endermologie is carried out alongside the program; it is an essential part of the program to prevent saggy skin and stretch mark.  It also helps to lose fatty acids from your blood stream, reduce appearance of cellulite, tighten and lift the skin whilst increasing your circulation up to 70% safely for more efficient results.

Diet food cost varies averaging £90 per week.

 Supplements £68 a month supply

Body Shaping treatment £70 per session

1 month offer-

includes 28 boxes of food, 5 supplements and 8 sessions of body shaping treatment.

Typically can lose up to 7-10kg