Transderm Facial

Every face tells a story- enhance yours!

Afraid of needles yet want the benefit of diffusing effective products deep into the skin layers?

Needle free mesotherapy is a revolutionary treatment which harnesses the patented technology of Dermoelectroporation to transdermally deliver specific skin serums guaranteeing they effectively penetrate the target area. Additionally because such a deep penetration is achieved, the serums remain active in the area for a much longer time after the treatment, effectively treating the area over a period of days.

Unlike injections, the process involves a gentle current which results in the harmless opening of the water channels of the skin for a virtual second resulting in a deep penetration of the skin with the formula your skin needs. No bruising, downtime or side effects and with the added benefit of a mini face lift as the muscles of the scalp and face get a gentle work out as the current passes through them!

We use unique formulas catered to your skin needs including hydrating, collagen boosting, pigmentation and fat burning. 

£55 per session

Price per session
​with microdermabrasion